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Photography 2016 : Graduate Works
Alina Yavtushenko, Life on the Road
, 2016, Graduated 2017, Photography, Mix-media
Security cameras from the off-road garage translate the exhibition of 7 young artists from very different backgrounds. Musah Gallery welcomes everyone to meet the original works on its location in a garage at Tira. The project calls to reconsider what is the art experience nowadays - when, paradoxically, it becomes natural to focus on screens more often than on physical objects and surrounding.
The question arises automatically as one sees the surveillance cameras grid - what do I watch and where it’s all happen? Who is responsible to deliver today’s culture to the audience? Thanks to the Internet we know that people create art forms everywhere. Moreover, if you believe that Art occurs where it can react to reality sharply and fast, so how would you truly face this Art - personally or virtually?
Alina Yavtushenko
Graduated 2017
Life on the Road