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Photography 2018 : Graduate Works
Ariella Altchouler, .
, 2018, Photography, Video

Time: TBD

A short documentary film that follows the relationship over the course of a year between an American Jew, and an Israeli Muslim Arab. The film documents the ups and downs of the relationship and the conversations between these individuals, each of whom come from completely different backgrounds, that learn to adapt and understand one another as the relationship progresses. Their lives begin to further intertwine throughout a series of meetings between the two families, and are faced with questions that force them to confront the reality and gravity of the somewhat unconventional relationship. Despite approval from both families the fear remains the same; that danger might not reveal itself until it's too late and that a future for them together might just be too difficult to sustain. How can they succeed together when there are so many forces working against them? Are they willing to put their families lives in danger for the sake of being together? The reality of it might be that no one can answer these questions. It comes down to the decision to either stay together despite these fears, or go their separate ways and risk not ever knowing what could have been.

Ariella Altchouler