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Photography 2018 : Graduate Works
monna jabali, Documenting the Underground Scenes (Jerusalem & Tel Aviv)
, 2018, Fourth Year, Photography

Jerusalem; compulsive, tension packed, political scenes. Known as a conflicted city, whether it’s between Arabs and Jews, leftists and rightists or religious and nonreligious, all of this lead to a complex way of living for artists and musicians. The lack of bars, studios or venues is horrid wherefore it’s hard for creatives to really express their passionate interests.

A very small group of people have caught my attention in this city, they live an extreme lifestyle, aggressively bored and living at night, they’re isolated in small chambers or un-dergrounds where they arise with their astounding peculiarities, such as diversified arts, tattooing, performances and music which is always ambiguous and brutal. All of that lead to engenders their own cult or subculture.

In my project I’m documenting and revealing those people’s interests and the places they hang at, shedding the light and bringing those people’s ideals outwards and in a way serving their intentions.
My photos are mostly snapshots, the snapshot grabs time, whereas time exposure emblems time, photographic portraiture, or even photograph as such, would be art of representing absence and distance. The absent is always already an imagine. Absence is the image as well as its condition.
Being both an observer and a participant, capturing moments while participating in specific situations or just distance myself and observe, using my point and shoot analogue camera to capture fast and kinetic actions, as the subjects are posing in near darkness, it places the camera and the photographer in the position of an almost blind person. The flashlight would reveal gestures and details that were invisible at the time of taking the pictures. Posing makes the portrait more picture-like; it involves duration rather than the capturing of an instant. And yet, the flashlight arrests time and turns the pose into a snapshot.

monna jabali
Fourth Year
Documenting the Underground Scenes (Jerusalem & Tel Aviv)