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Photography: Gallery and Graduate Works

Photography 2018 : Graduate Works
ronen zien, خان الأخضر The green Caravansary \ Khan al-Akhdar
, 2018, Graduated 2018, Photography

An installation work consisting of mixed mediums;
  The work is a reflection of my persistent return to Khan al-Ahmar, a Palestinian Bedouin village in the Jerusalem Governorate of the West Bank, located between the Israeli settlements of Ma'ale Adumim and Kfar Adumim. I expanded my interest throughout the last four years of studying at the Bezalel Academy mainly in the Nomadic life. This has been a very dominant topic which was inspired and accompanied my artistic practice so far. Furthermore, I haunted by notions of displacement/replacement, attempting to conceptually link the knowledge I gained from that site specific landscape, to my practical photographic paradigms.
I use the landscape as a medium of exchange between human and nature, exposing the political tension displayed in that place, and as a cultural value, perhaps it’s value as a commodity. by The act of framing, questioning the process of production itself, by presenting the "Green screen" as a medium for reality design, making, over and above, manipulation. 

The work wants to see things in an x-ray eyes, as they really are, a moment before the shifting, stripe them off of their ornaments.

ronen zien
Graduated 2018
خان الأخضر  The green Caravansary \ Khan al-Akhdar