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Bezalel 2019: Selected Works from the Graduates Exhibition
shahd izhiman, Passport
, 2019, Fourth Year, Jewelry and Fashion
Mentor: Claudette Zorea
For years, Jerusalem Arabs residents have been experiencing a sense of lost identity and of limited years in which to live as legitimate citizens of this land. They have been subjected to constant fear of losing what remains of their properties, which prevents them from realizing the extent of the evidence that proves and demonstrates their identity.
I have embarked upon a journey that aims to discover the true history of my family in the coffee industry since 1921. The smell of coffee beans is ingrained in my mind and serves as a reminder that connects me to my roots and identity. In order to demonstrate that my history exists, I have chosen to use, as part of my design, the linen fabric of sacks in which the coffee beans are packed as the appropriate material to work with. The color of my five designs was inspired by the colors of raw coffee, before it is roasted. Then, I flavored the cloth linen with real coffee dyes, to stimulate the coffee aroma that has been in my subconscious since childhood.
shahd izhiman
Fourth Year