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Bezalel 2019: Selected Works from the Graduates Exhibition
devora ofer, Stretch Marks
, 2019, Jewelry and Fashion

Tutor: Doron Ashkenazi

As women, the world expects us to shrink, in our body size, with our hair, with the way we sit, and even our laughter.
As a curly-haired woman, who for years was afraid to let her rebellious curls "to take up space" wherever I went, it made want to examine the aspects of expansion and contraction in life.
I searched through different cultures, history, i looked into termes like, expansion, expansion in the media and more, I decided to focus on expansion and contraction in nature.
In my research I discovered that nature has different forms of expansions, those expansions in nature, combine on one hand beauty, and on the other hand, create some
new “scares” in our world, like: Lightning, leaves, lava eruption, water flow and so on.
The inspiration for the collection came from the way things spread and expand into colors, shapes and textures, the same it haapenes in life, to women and in nature.
the randomness that nature creates in our world, led me to choose textiles from secondhand stores, like maps and curtains and so on, and use them in different ways in my collection

devora ofer

Stretch Marks