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Bezalel 2019: Selected Works from the Graduates Exhibition
yuval portal, FUSION
, 2019, Fourth Year, Industrial Design



Advisor: Prof. Kaplan Shmuel
“The music of the new age may just be the greatest never defined music” (Billboard Magazine, 1987)
Cyclical in nature, the voice is a living energy that moves, travels, returns, rises and falls, passes through matter and creates something new. In the project I embarked on a fascinating exploration of sounds and new approaches to playing. I studied voice transmission and its effect on the eardrums that serve as a central amplification platform. FUSION is a set of musical instruments that connects to an existing drum, allowing the player to examine prevalent music playing styles and sounds through trial and error. The set contains a drum that changes its tonality, single string instrument, string set, and steel tongue drums. The entire set is connected to a central drum that is used as an echo chamber, creating symbiosis between them.

yuval portal
Fourth Year