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Bezalel 2019: Selected Works from the Graduates Exhibition
lilach sabo, Rash
, 2019, Fourth Year, Fine Arts
The Skin Ego – a book by the French psychoanalyst Didier Anzieu discusses the question of how the word defines the body and how the body sets the words. The mantle of the words constructs the body, it embraces , envelops, regulates, and organizes its boundaries.
Sabo’s works try to rethink the surface of the skin in the human body. The skin, which covers almost the entire body and takes 15% of its weight, is the largest organ in the body. In the photographs, Sabo places the body and captures it so that the skin takes up the center of the picture and ever occurrence takes place in relation to it. She uses sand and flour as if they were dead skin cells forming another layer and changing the texture of the landscape patterns she created. The changes of the surface indicate fragility and tenderness and present the skin not as a function of preserving and protecting the facial organs, but as an organ in itself which contains life and death.
lilach sabo
Fourth Year