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Bezalel 2019: Selected Works from the Graduates Exhibition
naomi verete, .
, 2019, Graduated 2019, Fine Arts

Charon* and I are driving quietly in a cab.
He asks me where I want to go,
and takes me wherever he fancies.
Outside, the people are swimming upwards and downwards, ever-changing.
Above them, the birds are singing  with mouths full of teeth.
Below them, fish stamp their feet.
When the sea withdraws, everyone will die,
When it returns, they shall all float up.
Charon takes a yellow cloth rag and towels dusts my head and shoulders,
He cradles me and tells me it’s all fine because under the sea there is another sea.
I reply angrily: “what good would an umbrella be when a monsoon is raging?!”
He opens the door of the cab and throws me on and up
high above Jerusalem, if it really is her.

Is it truly impossible to be on both sides of the wall simultaneously?
That, in any case, is what the exhibition seeks to achieve.

The blink is the cut to cut of the everyday; It cuts the scene, and every moment opens a new one.
Every blink is a tiny sleep, and every sleep is a tiny death. The pictures, carved as if by a thousand knives at every blink of an eyelid.
I think of all that which is not seen, slowly accumulating alongside all that is seen in a softer, more modest pile.
The unseen is Imagination, Freedom, Inspiration.

*In Greek mythology, the ferryman of Hades.

naomi verete
Graduated 2019