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Jewllery and Fashion 2019 : Graduate Works
Maor Ben Kalif, The Virtual me
, 2019, Jewelry and Fashion

Mentor:  Claudette Zorea

In the era of virtual reality – where we live parallel lives – my attention was given to the patterns of behavior of individuals on social networks, which raised fundamental questions in me.
I found that visual content, with special effects such as filters and various means of editing, offers a virtual reality in which people intensify their image. The question arises: What is the place of “sincerity” and “honesty” in a world that was built entirely artificially? What is the actual effect of that virtual world on human society? What radical changes occurred in interpersonal relationships?
Just as clothing in essence serves as a cover for the body, so does the meticulous classification of various visual contents and their presentation in the virtual space. I chose a number of clothing items from the typical female wardrobe and intervened deconstructively changing these familiar silhouettes. It was important to me in this project to keep the traditional work of sewing, in order to achieve a look that ranges from elegance to grandiosity and a show of strength. Different cuts, and unique sewing techniques of vinyl and plastic together with cotton fabrics, present the “extrovert” versus the “personal” in essence.

Maor Ben Kalif

The Virtual me