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Jewllery and Fashion 2019 : Graduate Works
Sofya Zakharova, The Essence
, 2019, Second Year, Jewelry and Fashion

The project concerns two worldly perceptions: Capitalism and Buddhism. Seemingly, the two are extreme, and stand in contrast to one another, whilst seeking to instill a different social and cultural order.
Nevertheless, from my point of view, Capitalism and Buddhism are complementary to one another, while existing in unison. In fact, the place at which they differ, is that which enables and serves me, as a “trigger” for the process of creating jewelry; Buddhism enables me to concentrate in the “nothing”, the “void”, whereas Capitalism enables me to relate to the whole, and the present “materialism”. The balance between the ascetic and definitive “nothing”, and the overpowering “substance” is that which stands at the center of my collection.

The idea of the project acts upon thoughts of the concept “essence”, in an attempt to “refine” my learning experience as well as views according to them, into one conclusive project. My search for “essence” amongst the project demonstrates the reverse effect and displays the “essence” through its different versions.

The jewelry enables me to ask questions, which are essential to me as an artist. They concern meanings and symbols, and do not provide conclusive answers, only a collection of possible answers.

Subjects raised during the project:
1. The differences in perception of the jewelry and its elements from the perspective of the wearer, the beholder and the jeweler. Simulacra and filters.
2. Jewelry smithing and ecology. The cost and value of the materials.
3. The necessity for a jeweler in the modern world. Many techniques are not being learned / not being used – Are these necessary or not? The position and relevance of the artistic talent in relation to the mental talent in the future.
4. The significance of the jewel? Beauty, fetish and narrative.

The project is comprised of several items made from different materials. Each of these items is included in one or more of the following collections:
1. Gems
2. Mirrors
3. Gold stuff
4. Hands and tools

Each batch of jewelry is meant to discuss these subjects from different perspectives. Each item has a unique story of its own. Such as the plastic of a disposable teaspoon from the cafeteria, turning into pure gold out of the excessiveness of it.


Sofya Zakharova
Second Year
The Essence