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Jewllery and Fashion 2019 : Graduate Works
MICHAL TVITO, Another Moment
, 2019, Graduated 2019, Jewelry and Fashion

Mentor: Yaron Ronen

I have been in a complicated relationship with the concept of time for a while now. Time drifts away with me, bewilders me, and sets me up with many challenges. So sometimes, when it gets too much to handle, I distant myself, searching for my silence, the solitude, so that I can relax and renew my forces – moving toward another episode of this highway of daily life.

This confusion lead me to investigate and inquire: Where are those very points of silence, how could I balance the rapid pace of life with the moments of silence and energy breaks that nourish me?

By means of silver wiring that I have traditionally crafted, I map the blood vessels in various parts of the body. I emphasize the presence of the junctions which symbolize stopping points for me, using gems I have created with a 3D printer.


Graduated 2019
Another Moment