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Jewllery and Fashion 2019 : Graduate Works
daniel cohen, Blue Collar
, 2019, Jewelry and Fashion

Mentor: Claudette Zorea

The research for my project I began in observation of my house and mostly of
my father, a dominant figure in my life.

My father is a man of work, especially practical and functional work – just like his father, who was a carpenter. They are people with big and rough hands. My Dad wears the same stained working pants, the same T-shirt and working shoes every day. They are always next to the door.
The regular use of a garment as a daily object, without any appealing esthetic, leads me to the article “Lumbar Thought” of Umberto Eco. In this article, Eco describes the daily activity of wearing jeans, and by this action describes highly philosophical
and sociological thinking – putting a lot of thought into the daily clothing of a person. As a reflection of a person’s individual identity, it has the power to define the person’s social and economic state. Since the dawn of western culture, the cloth serves its owner, supplies the owner with warmth, shelter, and protection.
For my father, cloth is an object that serves his needs. It’s large, thick, full of pockets, and if it gets dirty or ripped, it doesn’t suffer. There is no ceremony, no glory or splendor at the moment of wearing them. I noticed that my father's body movements are of the working class, the ones that suffer from Sisyphean tasks and exhaustion of the body.
The bended back, the dragging of one’s feet like they came out the body. The cloth allows them the despair and exhaustion of the body.
The education of handiwork, the survival of the daily life that I have grown up on, the simplicity and the yielding of the material are standing by each other as my choice in the fashion world.
It is a conflict that accompanies me as a person and drives me to a project that keeps inside it two opposite purposes: the materialism and materiality in clothes that are designed, next to the practical cloth.
As an expression of this conflict, I chose to disrupt the fashion language and to widen the gap between the esthetic and non-esthetic, between functional and designed.
By the connection of different materials, the high and the low, and the use of used jeans – the widening and falling of the cloth.

Research Advisor- Michal Kraizberg


daniel cohen

Blue Collar