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Jewllery and Fashion 2019 : Graduate Works
rachelli ben eliahu, Watch Out
, 2019, Graduated 2019, Jewelry and Fashion

Mentor:  Eliora Ginsburg- Lemer

My work focuses on the relationship between man, time, and object.
I created a series of objects in which the touch of man’s hand is evident, as is the time that has elapsed.
The gloves carry memories to something that was - a movement - but now they do not have any use.
They talk about the disparity between the image of the object and the object itself.
The clocks work mechanically but do not show the time in the usual way.
What is the meaning of an object that does not fulfill its purpose, and in what light does it illuminate time?
The materials were chosen with one balanced in relationship to the other, in order to create a sense of objects “above time.”


rachelli ben eliahu
Graduated 2019
Watch Out