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Jewllery and Fashion 2019 : Graduate Works
Michal Afik, Koshrot (Knotting/Tying/Connecting/Conspiring)
, 2019, Fourth Year, Jewelry and Fashion

Mentor: Doron Ashkenazi

This collection was created out of a personal attitude toward contemporary gender relationships, as well as the notion of tradition as a nurturing and regimenting component. While women advanced themselves during recent decades, they are yet in an everlasting battle to maintain and expand their liberties and rights. Nevertheless, they are still required to fulfill perform institutionalized female roles and represent traditional images
The collection was crafted using traditional techniques such as macramé, combined with ready-made materials like industrial embroidery. The choice of materials is emphasized using textiles of different contexts and contents, such as tulle, cotton, and lace. The patterns and colors play with implementing and disrupting gender norms, weaving and unraveling tradition and present styles, as exemplified in the combination of the men suit figure with a shawl. The sets are composed of layers that are exposed one through the other - items and details which remain concealed.


Michal Afik
Fourth Year
Koshrot (Knotting/Tying/Connecting/Conspiring)