Department of Fine Arts

Blanche & Romie Shapiro

Fine Art 2019, Graduate Exhibitions
yarden paiken, .
, 2019, Fine Arts
There is a pool
And around it – a world
And it is a world within a world
The world around it exists because of language
Where the pool is not included
My ability to grasp it,
Is in it’s own language,
In its scope – the scope is a line, and my scope
Is my skin.
I write in words and in spacings that do not work
Images become clear.
The pool in the poem is not a specific pool, it is all those areas which language cannot grasp; Our perception of the world is divided into the conscious space and the sensory space, both of which maintain responsive input-output systems each in its own way, and somehow complete each other. Without the feeling of the skin and the edges of the body, experiencing these pools would not be possible; From them, the work begins, that same constant attempt to understand them. They lack access, a clear form and especially lack words, and the possibility of being in them is given only in dim performances that exceed their limit and meet the line. Occasionally, the drawings are a mirror to the threshold experience, the edge of that same pool.
yarden paiken