Department of Fine Arts

Blanche & Romie Shapiro

Fine Art 2019, Graduate Exhibitions
uri duvdevani, Closed Eye // An Underground Theatre of Thoughts
, 2019, Graduated 2019, Fine Arts

“Suddenly the sense of the last call of fate gripped my heart. Desperately I felt in my pocket for the little figures so that I might practise a little magic and rearrange the layout of the board. The figures were no longer there. Instead of them I pulled out a knife. In mortal dread I ran along the corridor, past every door. I stood opposite the gigantic mirror. I looked into it. In the mirror there stood a beautiful wolf as tall as myself. He stood still, glancing shyly from unquiet eyes”.
(Herman Hesse)

An artwork has the potential of being a new creation, but in some cases it functions as a markup or a definition within existing realms. A line stretched between languages, pictures, and events, encompasses a material, cultural, mental, and conscious zone. It cuts a piece, allowing us to point at it and say – “this”.
It is an act of selection, gathering, and connecting between existing images, whose result is to be presented on a stage. There, a person in the light performs to another - sitting in the dark - an idea. Within the idea they both exist.
The stage - a material. A detached and elevated zone, a gate, a portal.
The show – an event which marks an even larger happening, an occurrence so fantastic that the observing eye is inherent in it.

The eye of the lens expands; "The person in the Dark" becomes an actor on his own worlds stage.




uri duvdevani
Graduated 2019
Closed Eye // An Underground Theatre of Thoughts