Department of Fine Arts

Blanche & Romie Shapiro

Fine Art 2019, Graduate Exhibitions
Eldar Krainer, .
, 2019, Graduated 2019, Fine Arts

“…and if he had entered Andrew, not with his penis, but headfirst, inserting his entire body until Andrew was only a wrapper of skin stretched over Jeff, Andrew would’ve felt complete.” Gary Indiana, Three Month Fever (1999)

An assemblage of signs functioning as logos gathered into one alignment. The signs are symbols of the designed human body, a body whose organic, primerial form is never enough, always lacks something.

The objects embody states of evolvement, upgrading, alteration and enhancement of the body. They are artificial supplements which boost the “natural” into a new perfect body, a body that moves in an excessive reality, one that is sharper ,more natural than nature, always on maximum, on 100 percent.


Eldar Krainer
Graduated 2019