Department of Fine Arts

Blanche & Romie Shapiro

Fine Art 2019, Graduate Exhibitions
Ella Canetti, CANETTI
, 2019, Graduated 2019, Fine Arts

C A N E T T I  is a fashion brand that ignores the need to satisfy the desires of its customers. Alongside the hybridization of textile materials with objects borrowed from completely different worlds, the bodies it is supposed to dress up also become raw materials that must be shaped and changed in the pursuit of praise. Each item is launched only when a form of disruption is applied to it: the clothes demand a change of movement or an unconventional body/setting, and are worn only when they become a nuisance and arouse a certain discomfort. In order to flaunt an item from the C A N E T T I  house of fashion, the client must subordinate his body to the commodity, and discover in his body, from the alliance between the two, the potential for change and mutation.

Ella Canetti's work uses a paradoxical game of submission to conventions, categories, and cultural concepts. In fact,              C A N E T T I is at the same time a challenge for the arbitrariness with which culture institutionalizes categories and gives them autonomy. Even when the brand succeeds in making unusual connections to everyday objects and rephrase the relationship between the body and the commodity, the mutation quickly becomes a marketing spectacle, in typical to the fashion world, and benefits the simulacral  logic of the market. Despite the symbolic sense of siege that is supposed to be derived from all, the point of view of the work is not unequivocal but rather playful and amused: C A N E T T I can not succeed in its mission unless it sees itself as a game - meaning, unless it enjoys the playfulness of crossbreeding and appropriating categories without fully and unquestionably giving in to any of them.

Ella Canetti
Graduated 2019