Department of Fine Arts

Blanche & Romie Shapiro

Fine Art 2019, Graduate Exhibitions
Alina Alexa Osipova, Geut (Tide)
, 2019, Second Year, Fine Arts

Installation, Gelatin Silver Print, Video 3:44 min., Cyanotype.

There becomes here
A universe between dream and reality.

Osipova creates a sculptural space which includes video work and two prints, one is a cyanotype on canvas and the other a gelatin silver print. The video, placed as a physical object in the gallery, is an imaginary wandering in a detached space, ranging between urban and dream-like. A crane, a sidewalk and an orchid greenhouse are seen from a personal point of view, reminiscent of a more cautious version of Icarus that rises too close to the sun, his wings melt in the fire and the image turns into a butterfly. The viewer moves from bright concreteness to a space of abstraction . The primordial curiosity about the landscape and the object is missed with quiet and almost imperceptible persistence by techniques of multiplication, concealment, and substitution, alongside the use of an early photographic technique - the cyanotype. All of which causes the viewer to roll into a twilight zone of images that have no grip on the ground. The more the viewer lingers in space , the more difficult it is for him to decide whether he sees the orchid re-gaining its "orchidism" (as a paraphrase of Viktor Shklovsky "to make a stone feel stony"), or completely loses the image on the tip of his tongue but isn’t allowed into the world enigmatic world of concepts.

Alina Alexa Osipova
Second Year
Geut (Tide)