Department of Fine Arts

Blanche & Romie Shapiro

Fine Art 2019, Graduate Exhibitions
Oded Yones, Made for ruins
, 2019, Graduated 2019, Fine Arts

Drawing installation

The energy source feels external
As a passerby in a space with no door,
Like groundwater flowing to the surface
To find a way out

Or, also
In Paris there is a street;
In this street there is a house;
In this house there is a staircase;
In this staircase there is a room;
In this room there is a table;
On this table there is a carpet;
On this carpet there is a cage;
In this cage there is a nest;
In this nest there is an egg,
In this egg there is a bird.
The bird tumbled the egg;
The egg tumbled the nest;
The nest tumbled the cage;
The cage tumbled the carpet;
The carpet tumbled the table;
The table tumbled the room;
The room tumbled the stairs;
The staircase tumbled the house;
the house tumbled the street;
the street tumbled the city of Paris.

A nursery rhyme by Paul Eluard

The installation follows ways in which material and symbolic thought evolves. Like in an archaeological excavation, thought is found to be built from ruins, lying on the layers that preceded it.
The space, like the objects inside it, connects fragments borrowed from daily life and allows for a state of mental roaming. This wandering turns the various objects and the connections between them to a riddle of sorts, in which they are connected by a thin line of tension between control and release, or a sustained fire.
This work attempts to capture a fleeting moment and eternalize it, an esoteric and mundane moment, captured. The daily and routine is the cryptic riddle, one which no one attempts to decipher.

Oded Yones
Graduated 2019
Made for ruins