Department of Fine Arts

Blanche & Romie Shapiro

Fine Art 2019, Graduate Exhibitions
aliza moshayev, .
, 2019, Fourth Year, Fine Arts

What is a lack of control? Is it manifest in distress? Trouble breathing? Death preparations? a still chaos? One possibility is that it’s a stillness which exists within us, deep within our soul, and erupts at the most unexpected moment.
The lack of control expresses a state of distress which can lead to two basic reactions that are a result of evolution: fight or flight. And in some cases, there is a desire to flight but you feel paralyzed, and in others, a desire to scream but you are mute.
In her work, Aliza Moshayev examines and explores the human body in all it’s external and internal manifestations. Moshayev explores her body as a physical object but also, as a divine essence full of energy which falls apart and comes together over and over again.
On the one hand, she sees her body as a foreign body that doesn’t function, heavy and broken down; and on the other hand, as a temple full of self-healing powers despite all the toxins that enter it.
Each alone, the materials in the works have the potential to cause physical harm and bleeding, but when put together in large quantity that potential ceases to exist.
aliza moshayev
Fourth Year