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Photography 2019 : Graduate Works
Ariel Hacohen, Opticland
, 2019, Graduated 2019, Photography
Devices expand the gaze; they allow us to see from every direction and any distance. The peripheral vision offers a better understanding of reality and a sense of control.
The eyes scan until they meet with other eyes, and then the scan stops. This encounter of looks is multifaceted: it can be aggressive or passionate, a moment of awkwardness or an opportunity for communication. There is also an internal intersection that takes place between the two eyes: the data that each eye sees separately converge in the brain into one, three-dimensional vision.
The range of the gaze – the distance between the eyes and the object of vision – is charged with prior knowledge, memories, stories, and desires. Observation will always pass through these on its way to the world that the eyes see before them.
Ariel Hacohen
Graduated 2019