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Photography 2019 : Graduate Works
Nitzan Ohayon, .
, 2019, Graduated 2019, Photography
The group of photographs explores the experience of a home and an everyday space. I pause with the camera on the fleeting moments, freezing even the banal ones. Key figures, like my partner and dog, appear alongside unexceptional documentation – images of pleasure, attraction, fascination, boredom, and disgust. They reveal an immediate environment that is both pleasant and unpleasant, a reality of unease and grimness, of something that is out of sorts, in which I find wealth and beauty.
In photography, time freezes. The eyes pause, lingering on an eternal, lethargic moment that can make small creatures large, create a different rhythm for everyday life, normalize life. It uncovers how the “natural” and the “wild” prevail, not through struggle but through surrender. Animals and wild plants grow, propagate, and die, a system of life that takes place without a guiding hand and without intervention.
Nitzan Ohayon
Graduated 2019