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Photography 2019 : Graduate Works
Natalia Krivoshein, .
, 2019, Fourth Year, Photography
I photograph at a Bat Yam hotel where I worked for 18 months. This is not an ordinary hotel, but rather a small, discreet hotel where you rent rooms by the hour. Visitors only stay for a few hours, mostly for various erotic encounters: men who invite call girls/boys, couples looking for a place to have an affair. While the furniture in the rooms is standard, they are equipped with colorful lighting for a romantic atmosphere. The hotel is not unique and in Israel, hotels of this type have become very popular in recent years.
While working there, I learned to appreciate the place that allows visitors to cross the boundaries of everyday life into a secret realm that transcends social order, normative behavior, and tradition, beyond morality and law. This is a place that allows its patrons to feel free to experience bacchanalia, deviation, and transgression. The attempt to document it is almost impossible, paradoxical, violets its rules. Consequently, the photographs in the exhibition document the hotel in the moments before and after the act, the objects in the rooms waiting for the events, and the traces that remain behind. This is a record of details and fragments of a place that wishes to remain confidential.
Natalia Krivoshein
Fourth Year