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Photography 2019 : Graduate Works
zlil dekalo, .
, 2019, Fourth Year, Photography
Movement generates flow, flow leads to energy, energy creates breath that sustains life and life creates movement. Movement, an inseparable part of our lives, accompanies us in our everyday life without giving it much thought – from small and mundane moments to big and meaningful occasions. My unexplained attraction to the magnificent world of movement has generated thoughts and emotions that are sometimes hard to put into words.
The works in this project examine this difficulty by changing the object’s space and time and moving it into a metaphysical world, where it continues to move freely. This freedom is made possible thanks to a research and emotional journey I took, while establishing interpersonal relationships with the photographed subjects. These are joined by digital techniques combined with material, allowing the viewer to simulate movement in the frozen object. This is mani-fested in the design of the exhibition space, which for the most part is comprised of paper works, some of them are kinetic sculptures, some simulate realistic dimensions that intensify the viewer's feelings. The movement is created anew through the situation that emerges in the exhibition space, completing a full circle.
zlil dekalo
Fourth Year