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Photography 2019 : Graduate Works
Tomer Meirav, Untitled (Petach Tikva) 2019
, 2019, Fourth Year, Photography
In a reality that sways between dream, fantasy and imagination, in a chaotic space that does not offer a real solution, the body exists as a potential for a different, alternative communication. Body and spirit mix, blur, clinging to each other.
On the outskirts of Petah Tikva, in a space designated for future construction, the camera wanders along with a moving body; at times present – other times vanishing. At times existing, other times in on the secret. A sensual, intimate encounter with a wild environment that holds dilapidated building accoutrements. Between constantly rattling saws there is an aspiration to assimilate; to connect; to feel a sense of belonging. Is it possible? Is it fiction? Does the looming threat of construction allow a moment of pleasure?
The work does not offer answers. Body and environment intertwine, connecting and not connecting, becoming an object themselves. The subject – who looks like an active participant in the work – also serves as a means of invasive examination and reading, directing it in accordance with the pace and the demands of urban life. It seems that this is far from a solution, and all that is left is the desire to sense, to feel.
Tomer Meirav
Fourth Year
Untitled (Petach Tikva) 2019