Tal Ben Shitrit, thesis project- Bnei Brak | Shabat Floor
, 2013, Graduated 2013, Architecture,
I live in Hadar Yosef neighborhood, located in the old northern part of Tel-Aviv. Every Friday night, me and my siblings go to my parents’ house in Givat Shmuel, and dine around the table. The direct route to their house is blocked on Saturdays, coercing me to drive in alternate routes. Bnei Brak spreads over an area of about 7,088 acres and is a home to about 200,000 residents who live in extreme density. The separatist lifestyle of the population makes the city culturally, financially, and socially disconnected from the Gush Dan metropolis surrounding Tel-Aviv. The project was conceived from a personal desire to create a design that relates to the different aspects of the city from a critical point of view. The project aspires to present a strategic plan of a square as a meeting place that incorporates two poles: the secular-concrete constraints of urban planning on the one hand, and the spiritual aspect which is a mosaic of stories, imagery, and unique experiences on the other. There is an Orthodox religious decree which prohibits the use of an elevator on sacred days. As a consequence, the average construction height does not exceed four stories. The possibility of growth is exclusively on the horizontal axis. The implication of this decree is the nullification of public spaces that were meant to be used by the young population of the city. The city's population consists of 90,000 children – equivalent to the entire population of Raanana. How can this machine, called Bnei Brak, be improved under all the different constrains –this is the main question this project deals with. The goal of the project is to invent an urban infrastructure that serves the local lifestyle in the vertical axis of the city, which is based on a super position of the concrete and spiritual aspects of the urban tissue. The possibility of building above the mentioned height limit is due to the division of the city to programmatic layers – sacred and secular. Every four-st
Tal Ben Shitrit
Graduated 2013
thesis project- Bnei Brak | Shabat Floor