Track Practice for 3rd year
Amichay Ben Moshe, Gypsy -The ''River Dance'' Show
, Screen-Based Arts, Butterfly stickers, chalks board, chalks, Aluminum foil
The main exercise was to choose a musical piece (preferably without the words easy to analyze) and analyze the experimental animation. The music I chose was reduced from 2:30 seconds a second. Original music have 3 systems + opening and closing system. I took the opening set + first act, decreased tone of its beginning and end spare before the second battle. The third act was much more dramatic and that I chose to edit skidding across the film, (the moment when the butterfly bursts from the board) + end. I had initially (5-6 weeks) is very difficult to have an idea, that music is so sweeping and open. So that the time was in my head wide open spaces and fields. But I managed to focus on the flute / flute type of background and think about the butterfly ... I chose to combine focus on two techniques: Classical Animation (World chalks) and animation "stop motion" (world of objects). The story begins, as it were, painted classical animation: a butterfly painted on a chalk board, but the animation is filmed frame by frame stills. Different effect if used to draw pictures and scanner (it is also the explanation vibrations of the video). Then, move the object world: all the butterflies all are stickers of butterflies, the size of 5X5 cm thick aluminum foil glued. Each butterfly has a different motion frozen clone. The story goes on increasing along with the music when the butterfly comes out from the board and gets a life of its own. Bothers him to be stuck in a world of four walls and want freedom. When he succeeded in his mission, life is breathed into taxidermy his friends and together they continue their journey to the airport. In the third part, there is a combination of two techniques simultaneously: the classic photographic stop, and objects. When the butterflies bring it back to flower. Icing on the cake: I added a "masterpiece" film: After effects ... I could not resist, so immediately after editing the movie, I added After Effects software important in the fil