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484 search results found:
Shiri Israeli
Shiri Israeli (Jewelry and Fashion > Graduate > 2010)
Fourth year student in the drpartment of jewlery and fashion design.
julia smelansky
julia smelansky (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2010)
works from the second and third year at Betzalel
omer hoffmann (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2007)
Yulia Tsuckerman
Yulia Tsuckerman (Ceramics and Glass Design > Graduate > 2011)
Ceramics design,
Inbal Volpo
Inbal Volpo (Fine Arts)
inbal volpo fine art department
GUY BEN-ARI (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2009)
Born 1984, lives in Tel-Aviv
noga friedman
noga friedman (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2010)
Hadas Noam (Screen-Based Arts > Graduate > 2011)
Ben Nathan
Ben Nathan (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2012)
i love typography
Ada Rimon (Screen-Based Arts > Graduate > 2014)
Tslil Tsemet
Tslil Tsemet (Fine Arts > Graduate > 2014)
second year art student
dar rotem
dar rotem (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2013)
a little bit of me works...
Ran Daniel Kopiler (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2011)
Ido Mohar
Ido Mohar (Industrial Design > Graduate > 2014)
Ido Mohar
Barak Rubin (M.F.A. > Student > Second Year)
Barak Rubin | Israeli Photography
Adi Denis
Adi Denis (Ceramics and Glass Design)
I learn art in a private plases and some in college and now in bezalel I fond a lot of magic and beauty in sculpture and glass and I started to show some of my work in exhibitions
Miriam Segal
Miriam Segal (Ceramics and Glass Design)
I take the time and do what important to me
Dafna Fikler
Dafna Fikler (Visual Communication > Graduate > 2010)
different projects 1st-4th year
Michal Farago
Michal Farago (Ceramics and Glass Design > Graduate > 2011)
michal fargo, graduate of the ceramic design department
Yoav Elad (Architecture > Graduate > 2010)
5th year architecture student in bezalel
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