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Amitai Ring (M.F.A. > Graduate > 2015)
Alone Together
ALONE TOGETHER By Eli Petel The show of Jennifer Abessira and Amitai Ring is an encounter between two kinds of practices two different attitudes, two types of artists. This encounter was possible thank to their cohabitation, the fact that they worked in the same studio. This deliberate decision generated radical and extreme changes in their modus operandi and in the mindsets. Amitai Ring is a painter who situates his practice within the thin line that separates everyday life, normality, from the radical position of an artist, who creates paintings, catalogues them, present them, and continue to work on new pieces redefining existing pieces. Ring is a painter working outside a time dictated by foreign elements. Working on his paintings, mostly abstract oil on canvas, for years Ring continuously adds, subtracts, covers and highlights; he comes to an end and comes back, he lets go and redoes, arranges and unravels. This accumulation of actions comes from his devotion to the spirit of time; in other words Rings believes that months, years, lifetimes, are possible frames for the creation of physical and mental matter that will encapsulate the changes he is going through as a painter. Ring's paintings are phenomena that ultimately relates to the unification of time, and to its consequential cancellation. Conceived in a suspended time, his paintings exist only through the eye of the artist, his act of looking at them; furthermore, they are activated by the possibility of performing endless actions on the canvas and from the variety of typical actions accumulated on their surfaces. The power of Ring's project is the power of influencing, which becomes an indicator of the changes occurring when an art practice that is individual, isolated, and focused is violated and put under question by the artist himself.
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Oil on canvas