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Ayelet dayan (Architecture > Graduate > 2014)
Trans.Park | Ramla's Urban Core
This project aims at designing a Multi-Layered Urban Core (HUB) to the city of Ramla as a generator for urban sustainable renewal. In the year 2014 cities in Israel are characterized by a trend of demographic increase. At the same time, the majority of the population relies on private transportation. Since the year 2008, half of the world population lives in cities. This urbanization trend is ever growing. In order to allow for efficient accessibility in many cities, urban planning has been redefined on the basis of high quality public transportation infrastructure. The emphasis within this shift is on the need to support a massive amount of users throughout the city. Ramla is the capital of the central district of Israel. It is an ethnically mixed city with low socio-economic indicators. As of today, a disconnect prevails between the different neighborhoods of the city and the city center has declined consequently. In many areas, the sequence characterizing the fabric of the community has been interrupted due to the designation of many territories to private transportation lanes. This process highlights the presence of socio-economic disparities and contributes to its further expansion. It also causes long-term environmental damages. The purpose of this project is to examine how the outlining of a Multi-Layered Urban Core could stitch together and empower the urban fabric of the city of Ramla. The HUB will aim at banding together public transportation infrastructures, commerce, employment, residence and recreational space.
Ramla's Trans.Park
Digital Collage computer modelRamla's Trans.Park | Core layers
Digital Collage computer model