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Barak Rubin (M.F.A. > Graduate > 2016)
Remnants of the sheikh
Remnants of the Sheikh Aaron son of Yehezkel and Judith: my father. He was born and raised in Sheikh Munis, an Arab village on the Northern Bank of the Yarkon River, not far from the Sea of Tel Aviv. The village was on a hill (rama) and hence is known today as Ramat Aviv. By reconstructing my father's childhood memories, I have assembled pictures representative of life in Sheikh Munis. Pictures which are real and simultaneously imagined. Pictures that are composed by geographical descriptions, human memories, and mediated through the photographer. These images are an attempt to document a man, a disappearing reality, and preserve collective memory.
Gold & Mudparaphrase on a yellow daihatsuTel-BaruchAn Arab HorseGateGunAncient Graveyard30Internal Space