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Bezalel in the 2011 Haifa Film Festival

(06.10.2011, by: Pr)

The Academy wishes to congratulate Natalie Bettelheim and Sharon Michaeli, Bezalel graduates of the Screen Based Arts Department, on earning an honorable mention at the 2011 Haifa International Film Festival, for their end of year final project film Howl. The film was mentioned for its original story, directing, and deep and meaningful film design that expresses the reality, anxiety, and fears of early motherhood.

Also Represented Bezalel in the 2011 Haifa Film Festival:
Udi Asoulin and Uria Naeh with the film 'Illusion'
Natalie Bettelheim and Sharon Michaeli with the film 'Howl'
Omer Ben David with the film 'For the Remainder'
Lior Ben Horin with the film 'Head On'
Yishay Shemesh with the film 'Man and Beast'
Yair Gordon with the film 'The Black Box'
Hadas Gilboa and Ofira Levanon with the film 'Pattern'
Natalie David Esphani with the film 'Still Water'
Daniel Dimenshtein and Tom Apfel with the film 'Veahavta' or: 'How Shoshana Zaligman went to Heaven'
Yotam Cohen with the film 'Peacemaker Mac – the Island of Dispute'
Nadav Nachmani and Dror Shpatz with the film 'Moving Pictures'
Daniel Sasson and Dudi Rubin with the film 'Loof'
Sivan Kidron with the film 'Whale'
Tal Cohen with the film 'Sweet & Sour'.