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Design, Art and Sustainable Construction 2012 Competition


Design, Art and Sustainable Construction 2012 Competition, Final Projects
Sponsored by "Shikun & Binui"

This year, two prizes were awarded to each level without categorization, due to a low number of projects in the category of message.
Bellow is the list of winners, a short description of each project and the judges' reasons for their decisions: (click on the winners name to read more about the projects) 

First prize - 5,000 NIS: SCARGO – Ophir Yadan, Department of Industrial Design
Bike carrier that connects to the bike instead of the front wheel
A unique project in a saturated domain; the solution is easy to operate, available to every bike owner, relatively cheap and flexible in providing a solution to various transport needs. Having both electric and regular mechanic versions, it suits various target audiences, at various prices, excellent design.

First prize - 5,000 NIS: "They said that once there was a great dream here" – Goni Kriss, Department of Jewelry and Fashion.
A collection of clothes inspired by farming in a moshav, in colours originating in a yard and in nature, whilst using original human- and eco-friendly techniques.
Focuses on the colour component, which is the most problematic pollutant in the textile industry, whilst providing interesting solutions, available to everyone, with willingness to share information with the public.

Second prize – 3,000 NIS: TOBEE – Lavie Bar, Department of Industrial Design
Home apiary which enables city dwellers to raise bees as a hobby 
This project deals with the global issue of the disappearance of bees, whilst taking into consideration their existence as pollinators. A deep and professional treatment, a result of which is a simple bee nurturing device, accessible and aesthetically designed.

Second prize – 3,000 NIS: VIA – Amber Edri, Department of Industrial Design
Navigation system for blind people built from a GPS application and a pair of external objects designed as a piece of jewelry, communicating with the software and directing the blind person by vibration.

A solution to a problem of a community with special needs which takes into consideration the need to keep the sense of hearing free and the blind person's desire to look like everyone else.  A simple, relatively cheap and practical solution using up-to-date technology.

Third prize – 2,000 NIS: Sustainable construction strategy aimed at the Haredi community – Sebastian Kaplan and Yael Pereg, Department of Architecture

A plan for the renovation and expansion of an existing Haredi neighbourhood taking into consideration expansion of open spaces

Learning the characteristics of the Haredi community through holding a discourse with the community has resulted in a solution which solves the special and changing needs of the Haredim. The project presents a possibility to create a new urban texture with relatively small changes in an existing neighbourhood.

Third prize – 2,000 NIS: "Room" – Hadas Tirosh, Department of Ceramic and Glass Design

A room made of unfired ceramic material and a brick demonstrating the wetting and drying of ceramic material

This project sends a strong message about the temporariness of our belongings and the need to stop and think about our excessive use of energy as opposed to the possibility of reusing/recycling the products around us.