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TROPICAL LAB 6 - Singapur


The aims and objectives of TROPICAL LAB are to expand the views of the participants, to exchange experiences and to stimulate creative thinking through a collaborative approach.

At The workshop offers an environment for regional and international students to carry out research and advance their art practice in a short period.
The subject of this year’s Tropical Lab is Land. The subject of Land has always been an area of exploration within artistic practices. Historically, it served as a symbolic backdrop to portrait painting to become later a principal subject of academic painting.  European art in the nineteenth century experienced a resurgence of interest in the subject of land, picturing it as a pastoral and idyllic refuge from rapidly increasing urban population and city life. In Asia and other non-European countries, the land became emblematic of colonial occupation and the subject of exoticizing projections. By the Twentieth century, the impact of modernism can be seen as the land becomes a subject of abstraction. In the second half of the Twentieth century, the land manifests even more as a subject and the materiality of practice conjoin, instanced in the work of Arte Povera and other movements and artists. Through installational and sculptural practices, the land offered a means of challenging the spaces and boundaries of art practice, for instance that of Walter de Maria and Richard Long. This was paralleled by a more conceptual approach, such as in the work Robert Smithson. This led to a more recent elaboration of the subject through other art forms, especially those of cinema/video/ and other media.


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