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Earthquake Proof Table


"Earthquake Proof Table", a project of Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem is designed to give a superior level of protection in the event of an earthquake.

The table is a joint development of Arthur Brutter, designed as part of his final schoolwork project, and his lecturer Ido Bruno from the department of Industrial Design.

The table is designed to give a superior level of protection in the event of
an earthquake, resulting in mass structural failure. In such a scenario,
people taking shelter under the table have a much higher chance of survival.
The table is designed to withstand the impact and weight of immense objects
by flexing and absorbing the pressure.

The table in its current format is the development of Bezalel Labs Ltd,
center for research and development.

It was sent to Italy for a comprehensive assessment of stress thresholds, after which
it was further developed for a full process of commercialization.

>>The table won the International Red Dot Honorable Mention Award (march 2014)

>> The table was chosen to be on the CNN special series called "Blueprint" – a new series that explores the latest design and technology trends, visiting various top design schools across the world (MIT, Eindhoven, RCA thus far). 
Bezalel will be on the show on July 4th at 18:00 and 23:00  
Please find below a link with more information about the series.                    SNEAK PEAK

>>The board of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA) inducted the
“Earthquake Proof Table” into its permanent collection of the department of
architecture and design.

For additional information please contact Bezalel Press office:  Eila Eitan PR/+972-(0) 3-604-1114

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