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Call for Papers : Illustration: A Dalogue Between Text and Picture


Issue No. 28, Summer 2013, of History and Theory: The Protocols is dedicated to illustration. At its best, Illustration works as a unique form of art that traditionally accompanies literary texts. In a broader sense, it conducts a continuous dialogue with different narratives. In most cases the illustration serves as secondary; at times it appears as the main and only text. In its broadest sense illustration may show an expression of visual literacy which connects visual and verbal dimensions forming one comprehensive understanding. The volume focuses on illustration as a subject in itself and aims to deepen the understanding in this unique genre and elaborate the discussion about illustration as a means of artistic expression with its own independent characteristics.
Today interpretive work on illustration draws on several fields including semiotics, history/biography, and didactic writing. What kind of critical writing is needed to create this genre? Is there a place for writing that combines visual and literary criteria? Is it sufficient to analyze illustration in visual terms alone, or according to literary criteria alone? Is it possible to create a methodology which combines reference to the text, the picture and the relationship/gaps between them? The current volume provides an opportunity to compile writing that will try to articulate the methodology appropriate to research of illustration.

We hereby invite researchers, thinkers, authors and artists to propose academic articles, essays, reviews, portfolios and virtual exhibitions for publication in this issue.

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