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First place at the Video Art festival in Berlin


Artneuland — Celeste Art Prize 2008 — Maya Zack

A graduate and lecturer in the Fine art department just won first place at the Video Art Festival in Berlin.

Artneuland e.V. is pleased to announce that Maya Zack, represented by Artneuland e.V., is the winner of the German Celeste Art Prize of 12,000 Euros, for her work "Mother Economy", presented during the 5th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art by the Celeste Art Association.  The finalists were selected from 500 submissions

The film "Mother Economy" (17:30 minutes) by Maya Zack & Itzhak Roth was presented in the "Geld&Guilt" exhibition during "Gott.Geld.Kunst.Kapital" in Artneuland (September - December 2007) and was recommended to the Celeste Art Prize by Artneuland.