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The Photography Department is pleased to announce the launch of the Bezalel Photography Prize


 Bezalel Photography Prize

The Photography Department Bezalel is pleased to announce the launch of a new prize.

The Bezalel Photography Prize will be awarded to an artist whose work reflects sensitivity to local contexts based on the assumption that the creative and innovative potential of the new media (photography, video, moving image, sound, and installations) lies in the utmost utilization of the place's dynamic advantages.
The Photography Department at Bezalel will award the Prize annually to an artist working in the fields of photography and contemporary media courtesy of the Development Committee of the Photography Department Bezalel. The Prize seeks to promote, expand and support original work in the field of photography and to create a vivid and up to date dialogue between the Department  and active artists in this domain. The winner will be awarded a prize of 12,000 NIS and his or her solo exhibition to be held at the Bezalel Photography Gallery in the following academic year.
Conditions of Entry:
The Prize is open to artists, whose enduring professionalism has been recognized and who have had at least one solo exhibition and have participated in at least five group exhibitions shown in venues other than schools. Applications that do not fit this condition will not be considered. There are no age restrictions associated with this Prize. The Prize is not intended only for Bezalel graduates.
Submission Procedure:
1. Applicants should email their application on PDF file, the size of which should not exceed 5MB, to
2. Original works, three dimensional materials or printed work portfolios will not be admissible.
3. The application should include a CV with detailed information on only four categories: academic education, solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and publications.
4. The application should include a written proposal for an exhibition (concept, rationale, and production details) in the Bezalel Photography Gallery. An existing project can be submitted as long as it has not been previously displayed in Israel. The proposal should not exceed 1000 words.
5. The application should include a digital work portfolio, the size of which should not exceed 10 pages.
6. The application can be submitted in Hebrew, Arabic, or English.
7. Applications from art / learning institutions will not be accepted.
8. Each applicant is only allowed to submit one proposal.
9. Applications signed by more than one applicant (for a joint project) will not be accepted.
10. The CV, the proposal and the portfolio should be forwarded on one PDF file.
Submission and Winner Announcement Dates:
Last submission date: June 23, 2015
Winner announcement date: July 23, 2015
  1. The chairman of the Development Committee of the Photography Department Bezalel will nominate three jurors to serve as a judging panel for the selection of winners for the Prize.
  2. The panel will include a representative of the Development Committee of the Photography Department Bezalel and two additional members whose work relates to the language of photography. The Committee's chairman will attend the selection solely as an observer status on behalf of the Department.
  3. The jury's decision will be determined by a majority of the votes. The jury's decision is final and incontestable. The jury will provide a written report stating their reasons for their choice of winner.
  4. Teachers of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design are ineligible to participate.
  5. The names of the jurors will be published upon the announcement of the winner.
  6. The members of the Development Committee of the Photography Department Bezalel 2015-2016 are Yael Bartana, Rivka Saker, Nathalie Cohen, Edna Fast, Amos Schocken, and Ivri Lider.
Solo Exhibition:
  1. By entering the competition, the winner automatically agrees to the publication of his or her name, to have his or her exhibition displayed in accordance with the customary standards of the Bezalel Department of Photography and to fully cooperate with the mounting and displaying of the exhibition and the PR efforts concerning the Prize and the exhibition.
  2. If need be, in addition to the monetary prize, the Department will give some assistance to the production of the exhibition (printing, audio visual equipment, PR).
  3. The prize will be awarded at the beginning of the academic year, simultaneously with the opening of the exhibition at the Bezalel Photography Gallery.
Wishing you the Best of Luck,
Dr. Dor Guez
Head of the Photography Department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem