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Announcement of a permanent exhibition at Jerusalem’s Magistrate Court


Announcement of a permanent exhibition at Jerusalem’s Magistrate Court

Within the framework of the photography department at Bezalel, we invite students, graduates and faculty of the photography department, to submit photographs to the permanent exhibition that will open at the beginning of May 2016 at the Magistrate’s Court in Jerusalem. The exhibition is curated by students of the department within the framework of the course dedicated to the subject, hosted by Hadas Zemer Ben-Ari. *

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The structure of the Magistrate’s Court of Jerusalem is part of the Russian Compound built in the mid-nineteenth century as a hostel for Christian pilgrims. Throughout history, along with changes in local rule the designation of the building was changed. Beginning from the hostel, to prison, through a military complex and until the court. Even today the court shares its internal complex with Russian pilgrims monks, their presence reflects the history of the structure.

The corridors of the Jerusalem Magistrate is visited daily by judges, lawyers, prosecutors, and other employees of the institution, as well as the general public that utilize the services of the court in mild to moderate cases.
In addition to the institutions formal role, it also works to settle disputes between citizens and various public agencies, The Magistrate Courts civic responsibility is to respect the law and recognize that it is designed to serve the welfare of the individual within society.
The exhibition will take place in the corridors of the court between the judges’ offices and the courtrooms. It is the meeting point between the individual and the law and justice, among a variety of identities and perspectives, between the historic and the contemporary, and additionally between art and public institution.

We encourage you to send images for the exhibition with regards to these meeting points no later than 3.3.16.
Works should be submitted as pdf files including: name of the artist, technique, title and year. Title of the file should include the artist’s name for example: boris-schatz.pdf.
Works to be included in the exhibition will be printed in fixed size of 50x70cm.
Please send the images to:

Best regards,
Bezalel Curator Team Magistrate Court

*The exhibition will be displayed over the course of several years according to the considerations of the curators of the court. Previewed copies of the selected photographs will be printed at Bezalel and framed in a formal manner by the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Do not transfer original copies/ signed photographs.