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Daniel Silver met inner-city Israeli school children


Bezalel Academy's Fellows program facilitated a one-of-a-kind meeting between the famous Israeli-British artist Daniel Silver and inner-city Israeli school children. Students came together from Religious, Secular and Arab State schools from Jaffa and Tel Aviv on Thursday morning, January 19th, for a memorable workshop focused on self-image and creating the students's heads through sculpture. The Bezalel Fellowship Program is run by Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem together with The Rothschild Caesarea Foundation. In each of the three active schools an artist-in-residence works with the children to expose them to art and the art process through the perspective of an artist.

Daniel Silver was born in London and raised in Jerusalem. He received his BA in Fine Art from the Slade School of Art and earned his MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, London in 2001. He went on to study sculpture in Italy at the British School in Rome in 2002. He has exhibited widely across the UK and internationally. Silver's work includes sculpture, painting, drawing and installation.

He has said that he is particularly interested in the head as his subject. “The reason I make the head is, on the one hand to continue the bust-making tradition, and on the other that they are the most interesting part of the body, the most object-like part of the body.”