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Professor Ran Shchori, of blessed memory.


It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Professor Ran Shchori, of blessed memory.

The funeral took place on Sunday, September 3, 2017, at the Yarkon cemetery at 3:30 pm.

The family is sitting Shiva at the home of the deceased, at 1 Goldstein St., Givatayim.

Ran Shchori – artist, researcher, curator, writer, and, above all, educator – was one of the most important contributors to the academic development of Bezalel and to its being a place that is open, tolerant, and encourages experimentation.

Shchori was the President of the Academy from 1979 to 1991 and he was responsible for bringing all of Bezalel’s different departments to one location – the Bezalel campus at Mt. Scopus. It was during this period that Shchori developed new areas and new departments at Bezalel.

Shchori was a multidisciplinary intellectual, a sophisticated critic, an exceptional lecturer, and a diligent teacher of the history of art and the history of architecture.
Beyond his academic leadership, Shchori, for many years, served as an exceptional figure in the Israeli art scene who published articles, wrote books, curated exhibitions and had an influence on generations of students and artists.

Shchori was born and grew up in Tel Aviv and he spent much time at the HaOhel Theater, which his father was involved in founding. The theater had a fundamental influence on his development. However, because he had always been an artist, he decided to combine involvement with the theater with the painting and design of sets – and he joined the workshop of Ansky, who created the sets for HaOhel Theater. In 1958, he went to study mosaic art in the city of Ravenna in Italy. When he returned to Tel Aviv, he taught in the city’s new high school. It was there that he discovered that, more than anything else, he had the skill to be a teacher.

Between 1966 and 1980, Shchori ran the Midrasha l’Omanut (Faculty of Arts) with great success. He completely rebuilt the Midrasha l’Omanut  in Herzliya and then again, afterward, in Ramat Hasharon, and he turned it into one of the most influential and dynamic focal points of Israeli art throughout the generations.

With his appointment as the President of Bezalel, which was initiated by the previous President, Dan Hofner, Shchori separated Environmental Design Studies from Industrial Design and he established the Department of Architecture, which was later recognized by the Council for Higher Education and became the second school in Israel for the study of architecture. In 1991, after leaving Bezalel, Professor Shchori established the Department of Interior Design at the Michlalah LeMinhal.