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Congratulations to Bezalel student on winning "honorable mention" in the Green Architecture Competi

(25.3.2009, by: PR)

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and the Department of Industrial Design congratulate Lihi Shamai on winning "honorable mention"  in the Green Architecture Competition  for her work " rochle'.

Rochle is a "pedlars wagon" that converts to a stand in the marketplace.

 The wagon was built and designed according to the standards of social sustainability with an emphasis on all aspects of life. "Rochle" encourages a return to a deeper sense of community where there is a personal relationship between the seller and buyer as opposed to the less personal modern world of commerce dominated by large chain stores. Like the peddler wagons in the past "rochle' can get to small streets and outlying neighborhoods while at the same time serving the central market areas as well. The wagon can be a platform for a wide variety of products including vegetables, flowers, clothes, and souvenirs.