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Bezalel congratulate graduates on receiving honorable mention for the Archiprix 2009

(29.6.2009, by: PR)

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and the Architecture Department congratulate Michal Reich and Naomi Peretz Yedidia graduates 2006 on receiving honorable mention and candidacy for the Archiprix 2009 competition for the project entitled "The Dying Sea" which was done as part of the City-State section with mentoring by Yuval Yeski, Amit Segal of blessed memory, Uri Shalom, and the assistants Yonatan Cohen and Dan Handel.

 The Archiprix 2009 Competition is considered the most prestigious for final projects from Architecture schools throughout the world.

 This year 218 schools from 66 countries took part in the competition wherein each school submitted one project.

 The judging committee included Sue Fujimoto from Japan, Yuan Horus from Spain, Anne Lecton from France and others.