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Call for Papers - Issue 22: “On the Sensual in Art”

(09.12.2010, by: protocols)

The quarterly E-Journal History & Theory: The Protocols seeks to generate a unique interface between History, Theory and Art by offering a platform for the publication of interdisciplinary research papers, essays, reviews and original works of art.

Issue 22“On the Sensual in Art”

Call for Papers
Those interested in publication are asked to notify the editorial coordinator Mr. Na’aman Hirschfeld as soon as possible at: Instructions for the submittal of materials will be sent individually to those interested. Please notice that the deadline for the proposal of materials is March 1st 2011, and that the deadline for the submission of materials is June 1st 2011.
For a significant segment of the history of western culture, Sensuality has been conceptualized through a separation between the body and the psyche. This process began with the classical distinction between the “metaphysical” senses of hearing and sight, and the “physical” senses of touch, taste and smell, and was transmuted by Christian theology which separated the Worldly and the Heavenly, into the dichotomy between the body and the soul. As a result of this separation Sensuality has undergone a process of abstraction which sought to dissociate it from the debased transitory body. Yet the continuous representation of the sensual human body in Art, Philosophy, Literature, Psychology and many other fields, indicates that the above mentioned separation between the two is in fact impossible, for they are combined in deep and fundamental ways that stand at the basis of creativity, culture and the human experience.
            This vast topic forms the subject of the 22nd issue of History & Theory: The Protocols- “On the Sensual in Art”, that will see light in October 2011. The issue will be dedicated to various aspects of sensuality as it manifests in Art, Thinking and Research.
We are glad to hereby invite the community of researchers, thinkers, authors and artists to propose research papers, essays, reviews, portfolios and virtual exhibitions, for publication in this issue.

Possible Subjects:

• The Sensual, Sexual and Beautiful Body
• Sensuality Between Experience and Representation
• Sensuality in Contemporary Art
• The Sensuous, Sensual and Sexual in Consumer Culture
• Children’s Sensuality
• Sensuality, Sexuality and Perversion
• Sexual Fantasies
• Pornography: Between Sensuousness, Sensuality and Consumption
• Censorship, Repression and Alienation
• Sexual Ecstasy
•  The Naked Body and Its Sexuality in the Performing Arts
• Seductiveness