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Future’s Past: The Italian Futurism and its Influence

(31.1.2011, by: hit)

Issue 19     Press Release

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In June 2009 the department of History & Theory at the Bezalel academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first Futurist manifesto with an international conference, from which stemmed this monographic issue of Bezalel journal History & Theory: the Protocols dedicated to the Futurist movement. This issue seeks to present the reader with a current and original selection of academic papers and essays which explore from different perspectives three key aspects of the Futurist Movement: its significance in early 20th century Italy, its international spread and influence, and its presence in current political and artistic discourses.
Moshe Elhanati                    Faust’s Flight on the Devil’s Mantle (Hebrew)
Salvatore Cingari                 Irrazionalismo e politica in Marinetti e nell’avanguardia futurista
& Marco Di Cosimo             (Italian)
Pil & Galia Kollectiv             In the Intersection of the Angles of a Table, There is More Truth Than
                                                in All the Tangle of Muscles: Futurism as Anti-Humanist Critique (English)
Asher Salah                          Futurismo e cinema (Italian & Hebrew)
Yael Kaduri                           Music and Futurism (English)
Igor Aronov                           Futurism: The Meeting of East and West (Hebrew)
Aviv Livnat                            A Knife in the Belly: On Futurism in the Polish-Yiddish Arena (Hebrew)
Michele Dantini                    Horses and Other Herbivores: Futurist Traces and Disputed
Identitites in Contemporary Italian Art 1969-2010 (English)
Melania Gazzotti                  Libro e grafica in epoca futurista (Italian & English)
Sergio Bianconcini              Casa Balla e la Ricostruzione Futurista dell-universo (Italian)