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Graduate Studies : MFA

Department of Fine Art

Blanche & Romie Shapiro

Art has always been a difficult concept to define. Applying the question of art to the present could turn the question into an argument. What turns a video clip, a sculpture, a stage show or a painting into a work of art? How should one go about teaching something so elusive, so fluid, so fragile – and yet so enigmatic and magical? Talent cannot be taught, but it is possible to hone intuition, evoke curiosity, skepticism and criticism, provide tools for thought and bolster self confidence, through which the student may develop as an artist.
The formation of a creative artist is a complex process whose sources cannot be deciphered and whose results cannot be anticipated. Art expands and breaks through boundaries all the time – never resting on its laurels. It embraces new media and produces infinite connections and combinations; occasionally, it abandons traditional tools only to revive them at unexpected times.