Photography: Courses

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
4618Introduction to videoEvron NirSecond Year1Mon 14:00-17:004.0
4618Introduction to videoEvron NirSecond Year2Mon 10:00-13:004.0
4618Introduction to videoEvron NirSecond Year2Mon 14:00-17:004.0
54158Photography Studio AFlit SashaFirst Year1Thu 09:15-13:156.0
54158Photography Studio AFlit SashaFirst Year2Thu 09:15-13:156.0
84483staged photographyFlit SashaSecond Year1Thu 14:00-17:002.0
84483staged photographyFlit SashaSecond Year2Thu 14:00-17:002.0
4028Camera Lucida and Camera Obscura - A Love StoryGershuni UriElective1Tue 10:00-13:002.0
496061back to the futureGershuni UriElective2Tue 10:00-13:002.0
496062By the Book (book workshop A)Gershuni UriElective1Tue 14:00-17:002.0
496063Every trick in the book (book workshop B)Gershuni UriElective2Tue 14:00-17:002.0
84460Documentary StorytellingISRAEL YAAKOVThird Year1Thu 10:00-13:002.0
84494Documentary StorytellingISRAEL YAAKOVThird Year2Thu 10:00-13:002.0
84490Narrative strategies in photographyKep TomerThird Year2Thu 14:00-17:002.0
84463A placeKratsman mikiSecond Year1Tue 14:00-17:004.0
84463A placeKratsman mikiSecond Year2Tue 14:00-17:004.0
4306Body-PortraitKuperman RuvenElective1Wed 10:00-13:002.0
4700Visual perceptionKuperman RuvenFirst Year1Wed 14:00-17:002.0
4700Visual perceptionKuperman RuvenFirst Year2Wed 14:00-17:002.0
496060Body-PortraitKuperman RuvenElective2Wed 10:00-13:002.0
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