Visual and Material Culture: Courses

* semester "L" is summer 2016

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
1700694Arts and Politics in the Arab worldasleh Fadyinterdisciplinary1Wed 14:00-17:002.0
1700697Biology Lab for Art and DesignBar Shai Nuritadvanced elective1Sun 12:30-16:002.0
1700698Psychoanalysis and the VisualBenyamini Itzhak, Dr.advanced elective1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
1800113The Happening History of Video ArtLeibman Ronenadvanced elective1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
1800114Introduction to the History of CostumeKraizberg Michal, Dr.first+second year dept.1Sun 12:30-14:001.0
1800121Designers as innovation leadersCohen Pnina, Dr.second year1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
1800123Milestones: Themes and Artists Contemporary art formRuff Rotemsecond year1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
1800124Introduction to the History of Jewellery and MetalworkLeader Einat, Prof.1Mon 15:00-18:001.0
1800125150 Years of Groundbreaking [design] ExhibitionsGaon-Heimann Galitsecond year1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
1800130From Graphic Design to Visual CommunicationBartal Ory, Dr.first+second year dept.1Sun 12:30-14:001.0
1800131Anthropology and Industrial DesignWeitz Yona, Dr.first+second year dept.1Sun 12:30-14:001.0
2301608Film, History & Politics: The Italian CaseSalah Asherseminar1Sun 12:30-14:004.0
2600811Theoretical Approaches to the Wearing of ClothesTaragan Yaelfirst+second year dept.1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
2600834Research MethodsBar-Nir SigalResearch Methods1Sun 14:30-16:002.0
2600834Research MethodsSavin Liat, Dr. Arch.‎Research Methods1Sun 14:30-16:002.0
2600836Research MethodsFrenkel Alroy Tal, Dr.Research Methods1Mon2.0
2700558The Cinematic Urban SpaceBar-Nir Sigalpro seminar1Sun 16:30-18:004.0
2700640Understanding AnimationLandesman Ohad, Dr.second year1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
2700671Chaos, Randomness, Non-DesignMichalowicz Jerzyadvanced elective1Sun 10:30-12:001.0
2700673Gods & Saints for Rent: Religious Motifs in Secular Visual CultureMeiri-Dan Neomi, Dr.elective1Sun 14:30-16:002.0
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